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【Yuesao】Ms. Zhu

【Yuesao】Ms. Zhu

Work experience:40months
Marital status:Marital status



skills Description:

nursing aspects: touch passive exercise massage bath and other food supplement: food supplement to add (for example: egg soup of rice and meat mud fish paste fruit puree, etc.) and early childhood education: Storytelling songs accompany the baby to play the game and so on


work experience:

the first user: Shuangqiao take care of the baby 7 years of service

Second: Wangjing to take care of the 40 day of the days of male baby service 5 years

the three families: Qiu ma take care of 4 months baby girl service 4 years to find a care for the baby's domestic work

the four households:at 7:36 customers home and main belt 3 months girl and do the cooking and baby interaction, take care of baby's daily diet

the five households:in Haidian District, the customer's home, main belt 4 months boy, do the cooking, touching, take care of baby's daily diet

the six households:in the Merrill Lynch Garden client home, main belt 6 months in boys, do the cooking, take care of baby's daily diet

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