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A, what is the month of disease

  Confinement is refers to women after production (including miscarriage, abortion) by exogenous evils invasion caused by various diseases collectively, in the confinement of no cure and leave the disease. Women in post production, due to open the cou bones, body weakness, inside and outside the kongshu, if at this time carelessly to cold invasion, or furious sorrow, or sexual intercourse, can cause confinement disease. Also called postpartum rheumatism, June disease, tuberculosis of a month. Thus, a good post natal conditioning is how important.


  What is the two month of disease,

1, due to excessive sadness, anxiety, cry upwind, depression, easily lead to stagnation of the liver qi, leading to poor blood, blood by stagnation to lose nutrition, not careful wind evil can invade, the confinement disease clinical symptoms is: cold, afraid of the wind, blind, depending on the material is unclear (astigmatism eyes and orbital pain, migraine, trance, depression. Activity outside of joint pain accompanied by numbness, convulsions, pain and other factors.

 Women in confinement in the cou bones open, due to deficiency of Qi and blood, internal and external emptiness, accidentally wind, cold and dampness evil invasion, this month of disease in clinical symptoms: numbness, inconvenient flexion, headache, dizziness, swelling, wood, food less tedious and less urination, whole body cold, afraid of the wind, sweating, joint pain, cold, wind meets the pain symptoms and good clothing, serious patient Xia Retian wearing cotton padded clothes, theory of traditional Chinese medicine for cold evil to the marrow. It is difficult to cure a reason is: women in confinement in 100 days a natural recovery period, bones and cou a closed can the rheumatism cold evil pack into the body, may not be discharged, pathogen long-term retention in vivo, striae of skin and muscle and joint tissue damage, lead to serious disease of bones and muscles.

  3, due to postpartum blood loss anemia, causing intrauterine congestion, caused by deficiency, dizziness, abdominal pain, back pain and other confinement disease.

  4, the women in the month ban sex, too much sex Yin injury, injury fine, shade essence deficiency leads to emptiness of the bones and muscles, wind evil can Chengxu invasion, its main clinical symptoms: in addition to afraid of cold wind, joint pain, mainly covered with heavy, weakness, waist pain, fatigue, some patients accompanied with rheumatism is rheumatoid symptoms. Due to the confinement disease very difficult to cure, only in the confined to relatively easy treatment, therefore, women once in confinement in the sick should promptly treatment, or fall under confinement disease, although not cured, but

  difficult to treat is very large.


  Three, month of disease treatment

  1, early investigation and treatment

  In confinement ", no matter what disease, should be early detection, timely medical treatment. Such as some puerperas are postpartum fever do not retreat continuously, it is necessary to identify the cause and guard against in vivo possible infection, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, mastitis, perineal side cut wound or laparotomy wound inflammation and so on, once diagnosed, it should be timely and effective anti infection treatment. If they disagree, mistakenly believe that general colds and not timely medical treatment, the inflammation spread or become chronic lesions, course is easy to transfer, or even permanently.

  2, symptomatic treatment

  Whether it is normal or confined, disease should be to find a regular hospital doctors for treatment. And if the blind disorderly TouYi, keen on what indigenous, secret, or take it for granted since the purchase of drugs and so on, it is may delay diagnosis, delayed treatment, the disease is chronic and long-term ridden. If have had low back pain, such as the so-called confinement disease ", more should be under the guidance of the specialist, the use of drugs, physiotherapy, physical training and other comprehensive treatment method for treatment.

  3, daily diet

  Diet during pregnancy and puerperium devices diet is also important. Because, the need for extra nutrition to supplement the consumption of labor and nursing. However, the first one or two days after the birth, the mother should eat some light and easy to digest food. After a diet full of nutrition, can provide enough heat for the principle, can not be too full, too hungry, do not eat raw, cold, spicy, but not for fear of obesity and diet, the diet eat more milk, rice bran, wheat bran, carrots and other foods rich in vitamin C, D and group B vitamin food, increase ratio in the diet of a vegetarian diet, avoid osteoporosis and cause lumbago.

  4, rest and recuperation and exercise

  Just after delivery, maternal is very tired, so, the first two days should be a good rest in bed. While lying in bed. But we need to stand up, many activities. Can get up and wash and toilet, get up before you sit for a moment, feel dizzy to get out of bed. If you have a strong body, fatigue has been eliminated, 24 hours after the birth can get up. As to get up after the amount of activity should slowly increase. To get up the first day, in the morning and evening, sitting in the bed for half an hour, the second day can walk in the room, and then gradually increase the scope of activities and time.

  5, pay attention to maintain a good mood

  Not angry, not dry, open-minded, little thought to, pay attention to the hands and feet warm, avoid cold stimulation, avoid excessive overworked, confinement Likeduo prone, knee chest lie, help the uterus to maintain forward position; do more to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle elasticity of anal contraction movements; please care physicians to guide post natal aerobics. Four, the month of disease can be cured


  Fourth, the month of disease can be cured

  Confinement in ill do not delay, to seize the time to treatment, for the good governance of the month rather than to do a month to cure ". Lying in the yard got sick, because is in postpartum recuperation and breast-feeding infants, plus the symptoms at the beginning of the big

  Confinement in ill do not delay, to seize the time to treatment, for the good governance of the month rather than to do a month to cure ". Lying in the yard got sick, because is in postpartum recuperation and breast-feeding infants, plus the symptoms at the beginning of the big

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