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If I want a boy, we should not only pay attention to pregnancy due date, prior to have some knowledge of pregnancy, ready to do a good job. I want a boy, to take calcium tablet
1, the measurement of basal body temperature
From the beginning of the day to the boy, he must be in accordance with the requirements, the correct measurement of basal body temperature.
2, taking 4 tablets every day
If you want to have a boy, you should pay attention to the supplement before you get pregnant. Because if the mother's body in the body of calcium, then the quasi mother's body fluids on the comparison of the partial to alkaline, so it is more likely to have a boy.
3, the use of condoms
To conceive a predetermined date of 2 months, when sexual intercourse must use condoms, contraceptive effectively, can not use contraceptive pills or contraceptive ring.
4, pay attention to the increase of cervical mucus
Continue to measure basal body temperature, and determine the sudden drop in body temperature. At the same time, pay attention to the increase of the cervical mucus, be filled with the basal body temperature.
5, see a doctor
Even if you have the correct measurement of basal body temperature, but some people still do not know the day of the fall of body temperature, so as far as possible in the day to the Department of Obstetrics doctors to check the cervical mucus, to confirm whether this day is the day of ovulation. After taking two months of calcium to ovulation in the three months to obstetrics doctor, ultrasound diagnosis and the neck canal mucous crystallization check to determine whether to continue to take calcium supplements. Even after a predetermined date has been conceived, but not by a medical diagnosis before pregnancy, or to continue to take natural calcium.
7, to take the sexual intercourse position to help the boy
Take the sex position that is conducive to the boy's sexual intercourse, to relax when.
8, abstinence
Want to give birth to the male, in couples sex life more refined, the more concentrated the better, so after menstruation morrow and every two days were a sex, then from the second sex to conceive a predetermined date to abstinence, so that in the day of ovulation day to shoot a lot full of vitality of Y sperm.
9, to create a suitable environment for boys
X, Y sperm in the pH value of the environment, the speed of swimming is not the same; Y sperm in the alkaline environment is more swimming, and X sperm in the acidic environment is more active. So, if the couple want to have a baby boy, you can use the X sperm preferences alkaline nature, the vaginal environment arranged into a basic, it can improve the possibility of life.
10, the younger the more prone to boys
The number of men's sperm decreases with the increase of age, so it's a fact that a girl has a very high risk. Similarly, the greater the age of women, due to the impact of aging, will make the basic secretions of the uterus decreased year by year, the opportunity for a girl to have a substantial increase. Like a boy, must be as early as possible, both men and women are young, good physical condition, egg and sperm vitality, the chance of the boy students is high.
11, with a healthy and strong body, rich family is more likely to have a boy
A recent study by the United States of America shows that a married woman with a high level of affluence, a high cultural level, and a strong body of health, has a greater chance of having a baby, and that her family is more likely to have a daughter. The research is in line with the principle of evolution, and many times more women are more likely to survive, so the poor families will have a higher survival rate. And rich family, strong and healthy women tend to give birth to a son, so that we can ensure that their genes and family can be passed on from generation to generation.
12, with a strong, confident personality of women more prone to boys
Women with a strong desire to control, over confidence, their eggs due to the high male hormone, more receptive to sperm Y chromosome. So, often, issue orders left and right reigning women with opportunities than ordinary women baby more. At the same time, a new study suggests that men, such as engineers or accountants, will greatly increase the risk of producing a boy. Because women in the male occupation tend to have a "systemic", in the process of fertilization, the higher levels of testosterone in the womb, so the possibility of increasing the fetus is male. Is the mother to be a boy? Then look for a masculine career.
13, men do not wear tight pants
If men usually wear tight underwear will make the scrotum temperature rise, resulting in reduced sperm number, the boy's Y sperm will die first, making the probability of a large increase in the number of girls, it may be temporary infertility. If you want to have a boy, you must prevent the scrotum temperature crossing, so the man should pay attention to prevent the temperature of the scrotum in life is too high, do not wear tight underwear, do not often steam sauna bath or do strenuous exercise.

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