The purpose of the project is to make up for the current status of vulnerable people and social needs, and to enhance the skills and competitiveness of the students, training in line with the needs of maternal and child care industry. Work with the relevant departments to register the unemployed personnel, employment difficulties, and meet the conditions of migrant workers in rural areas to carry out vocational training, to achieve enrollment, training, employment, tracking service integration, to promote employment training. The implementation of " post " strategy, that is, through the strengthening of skills training, and guide the original labor force by manual mode to skilled workers。 

Yuesao maternal care

  • Prenatal preparation:Maternal prenatal planning, delivery care.
  • Postpartum care:Postpartum care, nutrition, making nutritious meals for women.
  • Life nursing:Assist the maternal maternal body scrub, washing clothes, observation of lochia, maternal confinement disease prevention guidance.
  • Breast care:Clean breast massage, help solve breast pain, correct guidance maternal lactation.
  • Psychological guidance:Communication with maternal experience, psychological communication.

Our baby care

  • Life nursing:24-hour care, take care of the baby all food, watering, feeding, changing diapers, bathing, take the baby, daily massage, touching, know baby swimming, exercise.
  • Professional nursing:Umbilical disinfection, measurement of body temperature, the size of the baby is observed, observe the baby's physical abnormalities. Wash disinfection, baby diapers, washing baby clothes, disinfection bottle, with the baby at night to sleep.
  • Common phenomenon nursing:The umbilicus disinfection nursing, observation and nursing of diaper rash, thrush, jaundice and other common phenomenon.

----- Training program -----

Theoretical part

Maternal care:

1 life care: postpartum nutrition; maternal health guidance, help puerpera bath etc.

2. The breast care: guidance of breastfeeding, breast massage, breast care and prevent mastitis, cracked nipple preventive care。 

3 health care: To observe the treatment of lochia, pudendal (lateral) etc.,

4 body care: the guidance of maternal maternal health, physical recovery, etc..

5 psychological guidance

Neonatal nursing:

Take a shower, massage and massage 1 newborn baby care nursing. Feeding, changing diapers, bags, etc..

2 umbilical cord care, hip care, facial features, such as nursing, scientific feeding, care for the size, adjust the baby sleep, etc.;

3 newborn baby clothes, milk, diapers, and disinfection, etc.;

4. The most common neonatal jaundice, oral, hips, umbilical cord hemorrhage, neonatal jaundice, thrush, diaper care. 

Practical part:

Maternal care:

1、 Maternal exercise、

2、 Maternal Yoga、

3、 Maternal rub bath、

4、 On the method of lactation、

5、 Wound care, etc.

6.  New guidance

Neonatal nursing:

1, artificial feeding, feeding, breast feeding, etc.

2, take a shower, yoga, massage newborn, swimming etc.,

3, wearing clothes, umbilical disinfection, passive operation, etc.

4, other

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